How to reach us


  • A vessel ( Siremar Company phone +39.923.911.120) assure a daily round and retourn trip for commercial and turistic traffic from Trapani (it is equipped with berths, bar and self-service);
    • – Departure from Trapani: 12,00 p.m. – Arrival at Pantelleria: 06,00 a.m.
    • – Departure from Pantelleria: 10,00 a.m. – Arrival at Trapani: 15,00 a.m.
  • An other vessel (Traghetti delle isole Company phone +39.923.911.502) assure a daily round and retourn trip maily for commercial traffic from Trapani
    • – Departure from Trapani 02,00 p.m.- Arrival at Pantelleria 09,00 p.m.
    • – Departure from Pantelleria 11,00 p.m.- Arrival at Trapani 06,00 a.m.
  • During summer time (generally from June to September) and only during od days, one hydroplane for passengers only is added (Ustica Lines Company phone +39.923.322200).
    The hydroplane assures the link between Trapani and Pantelleria (two hours), it goes on to Kelibia (Tunisia) in about one hour, retourns to Trapani calling at Pantelleria. The round and retourn trip is daily.


Generally the air-links are seasonally scheduled and they assure the following lines daily or weekly:

  • Palermo – Pantelleria A/R
  • Trapani – Pantelleria A/R
  • Roma – Pantelleria A/R
  • Milano Malpensa – Pantelleria A/R
  • Venezia – Pantelleria A/R

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C.da Karuscia, sn - 91017
Pantelleria (Trapani)
Tel. 0923 913222
Mobile 338 9454885